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We require prior registration and payment to be completed to attend all our programs. Registration is easily available on our website and includes a liability waiver that is mandatory.

For regular class courses, select the “Full Class Course” or PRORATED (where a course has begun) in the drop-down menu, and a registration form will pop up, after you have filled it out, it will lead you to our checkout page.

If you are selecting a “single day” sign up, select your preferred date in the drop down menu, fill out the registration form and proceed to payment.


Full payment must be completed to reserve a spot in the class or program of your choice. We do not accept cash payments.

It is mandatory to fill out our class waiver.

By special requests, we can accept checks for payment of courses. This should be arranged a few weeks prior to the class’ start date. All checks must be drawn on US funds and addressed to ART 101 NY LLC There is a $75 charge for all returned checks.

Walk in Policy

While we do accept walk-ins in our programs, this is only offered depending on availability.

If you show up at our studio and have not registered or paid on our website and you are looking to enroll in a program, if you are accepted you will still be asked to fill out a class waiver. Waivers are part of our registration process and take a few minutes to fill out, so we do advise registering in advance on our website.


After registration, class tuition is non-refundable and non transferable. No refunds will be issued after enrollment and payment.

We are not responsible for issuing refunds or rescheduling for any missed classes. If you do not show up for your enrolled class or camp you will NOT be entitled to any rescheduling, credit or refund.

Requesting to reschedule your enrollment before course start time or during will incur an admin fee of $75 for full class course or camp package. No refunds.

In the case that you have signed up for a full class course, after your first class, if you are dissatisfied with the quality of the program or feel it is not right for you, we will do our best to reschedule you into another class that is more suitable for your goals. If that is not suitable we will also offer the option to gift you the remaining credit in the form of a Gift Certificate to a friend who might enjoy the creative experience instead. Please note, the admin processing fee ($75) is deducted as well as any classes already taken from the total fee paid.

Single Class sign ups We do NOT offer refunds on single-day class or camp enrollments.


If you pull out of your class before it starts and request a credit instead of any rescheduling option. A credit will be issued that is valid for 6 months from the date of your original enrollment.

The value of the credit will be for the balance of any remaining sessions (if any) with an additional deduction of a $75 registration fee.

Requests to pull out of your enrolled class and turn your enrollment into a credit must be received via email 48 hours prior to the class start date.

If you do not notify us within that time period, you will not be eligible for any class credit or rescheduling opportunities.

Credits are valid for six months from original date of issue and are null and void after that time.


If you do not show up for an in-person class or camp or online experience that you are enrolled in, you are marked as a no-show and are NOT entitled to any refund, credit, or rescheduling.

Class Course Cancellations by ART 101

Although class course cancellations at ART 101 Art Studio are extremely rare, we reserve the right to cancel classes and make every effort to notify students in advance of these changes.

If enrollment goals are not met for the course ART 101 reserves the right to cancel a session up to 48 hours prior to the class. We will notify you via email to reschedule the class to an alternative upcoming date or give you the option to transfer into another class. Or we can offer you a class credit which can be used within a six-month period.

On occasion, a course start date may be pushed back if enrollment goals are not met. In this instance, you will receive a credit for the price of the class that did not take place.

In the event of a total class cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances, and if a student is unable to switch into another class offering, a full refund will be granted.

In the event of severe weather conditions, ART 101 Art Studio will follow the NYC public school closing, and classes will be rescheduled at the discretion of our Director.

Class Course Cancellations “Beyond our Control”

During the ongoing crisis, if an in-person class or any live activity or program is canceled before or during the course due to current situations beyond our control, for example: more severe restrictions by the government + further lock downs and/or where it is not possible for ART 101 to continue to offer live programming our contingency plan is:


Anyone who is registered in a class will be issued a Zoom Link to join.


ART 101 will not be issuing any credits. If you do NOT wish to attend an ONLINE program, we will offer the option to transfer your current enrollment over to a friend, this will not be in the form of a direct enrollment into the current online program.


If you are not in agreement with these policies we recommend signing up for single day options where possible.

Rescheduling for Single Classes

Due to COVID-19 & RSV high cancellation rates and unpredictability, spots in our classes are limited and teachers are booked in advance, so as a small business it is simply not possible for us to deal with last-minute drop outs. We are unable to run our classes according to last-minute changes to student’s personal schedules.

Rescheduling or Cancellation for FULL CLASS COURSE

Once registration is received, no refunds are issued. If you need to cancel or reschedule a full class course, please email us in writing with your request prior to your class start date time. We will issue you with a credit valid for 6 months that can be used toward any of our programs within this period. You will be charged $75 ADMIN FEE for the cancellation and this will be deducted form your credit.


If you do not email us prior to class start time, you will be charged for your classes in full.

Cancellation or Rescheduling Requests for Camps

Our camps book weeks in advance so we do not offer any refunds or credits.

If you miss your enrolled camp date due to any reason, you are marked as a no-show & are not entitled to any rescheduling, credit, or refunds.

If you know one week in advance of your scheduled enrollment in a camp that you are unable to attend, please email us and we will be able to release the camp spot to another camper.

If you are looking to reschedule a camp week into a different camp week and we are able to reschedule you, please note there is a $75 rescheduling fee per person. No refunds.

If you signed up for a Single Day Camp, and make a request 48 hours in advance to make a change to your booking and we can reschedule you, there is a rescheduling fee of $75 per DAY.

The rescheduling of a camp dates will only be offered in the current season camp you are enrolled in, for example Holiday Camp rescheduling in Winter cannot be offered in Summer Camps, etc.

If you decide to pull out of your enrolled camp week or any single date, we must receive at least one week’s notice otherwise you will NOT be entitled to any rescheduling or credit. We do not offer refunds.

Please keep in mind, rescheduling camp dates is NOT GUARANTEED and is at ART 101’s discretion. It is based entirely on availability on upcoming camp dates.

We do NOT accept verbal notification or last-minute personal texts or phone calls to members of staff, for example. If you tell a teacher you are not attending this will not serve as a notification. You must email the studio in writing your request at least one week in advance.


If a camp is canceled due to situations beyond our control, for example, severe restrictions by the government or lockdowns, ART 101 will not be issuing any refunds for any bookings.

Cancellation or Rescheduling Requests for Parties or Private Events

Our party bookings fill up months in advance, so any cancellations within 5 business days of your event are NON-transferable and non-refundable.

In the event that you need to cancel or reschedule a confirmed private party or event at ART 101 Art Studio, please let us know via email at least 5 business days in advance. We will do the best we can to accommodate your rescheduling needs for your party.

Because our party spots fill up weeks in advance we Please charge a $195 rescheduling fee on all parties and events.

If a party is canceled due to situations beyond our control, for example, severe restrictions by the government or further lockdowns, ART 101 will not be issuing any refunds for any party bookings. Instead, you will be offered the option of transferring your party to an ONLINE activity, or rescheduling your event to a later date after restrictions are lifted. We can also offer you the option of a credit which will be valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and used on any of our upcoming classes or activities.

Personal Property

ART 101 is not responsible for loss or damage of personal property at our studio.

Please do not bring any non essential items to our studio including toys, bicycles or scooters!

We have limited storage space and are not in a position to hold personal belongings.

If you lose something or think you left it behind please email us and we will try and locate it for you, but please keep your property close to you during your lesson.

Works in Progress Left in our Studio

ART 101 is not responsible for work left in the studio for extended long periods of time.

In the case of works in progress that are wet/ or your canvas is drying, we will keep it for you until your next session and/ or during your enrollment period.

If you only signed up for a single date class and your work is wet at the end of the class, please communicate this with the instructor that you will pick up your work within a week of leaving it at our studio.

All work left at our studio must be collected within a 1 week period.

All work must have your name on it in order for us to hold it for you.

If you cannot pick up your work within the expected one week period, you will need to email the studio manager to make a special request for an alternative pickup date.

We are not responsible for work left in our studio over the 1 week time period after your completed session.

Children + Supervision

ART 101 Art Studio does not accept responsibility for children except during the hours of registration when children are under the supervision of the appropriate employee during a registered Class, Camp, or Party Event. We are only responsible during the specified program times.

Supervision is available only at our location during the specific program’s hours or event hours (in the case of a party booking).

For parents with children with any physical or mental disabilities or special needs cases, please email us any specific instructions or requests prior to class so we can assist you.

If you have a child with special-needs child please do NOT assume anything, you must let us know how we can help you so we can let you know if our studio would be the right fit for your child.

Early Drop Off + Extended Fees for Children

ART 101 Art Studio will not be held responsible for a child if he/she arrives early or stays late.

We charge for early drop offs or late picks ups so you must book at time of registration. EARLY DROP OFF and LATE PICK UP OPTIONS are only currently available for Camps.

If you require your child to stay on late at the studio after the end of their class you must contact us and pay the appropriate fee based on your needs. This is not always available, so please EMAIL US with your special requests or BOOK A PRIVATE LESSON that can be booked according to your preference of date and time.

Please do NOT drop your child off early or leave your child in our care after their class has ended for extended periods of time and assume we will take care of them without notifying us first. We have to pay our staff to look after your children.

Parents are responsible for notifying the studio of a child’s absence prior to the registered class or camp or in the event they are late for pick up and/or any special requests or circumstances, including allergies, late arrival, early or late pickup relating to arrival or departure to any children’s program

Behavior Best Practices + Policies

Our studio is a safe place for creative play. We reserve the right to remove any participant (s) from its premises or exclude from membership or activities, anyone it deems necessary, that violates ART 101 Art Studio practices and policies.

We have a strict no tolerate policy on any sort of disruptive behavior including bullying, this is regardless of age, race or gender.

Anyone who disrupts a program or who fails to abide by our studio’s rules or practices or our staff who will be maintaining them will be asked to leave.

Photos + Media

Our studio reserves the right to take photographs or video during all our programs and events.

Artwork and or students engaging in making art may be photographed during the course of activities and programs.

These photographs may or may not appear in ART 101 Art Studio’s promotional materials, such as our website, or social media. They are also used for archival purposes.

No student will ever be identified by named or receive any compensation extended for such use.

ART 101 does not sell or license our photographs for any business compensation.

All photographs are the property of ART 101 Art Studio.

Terms of Agreement

To attend our in person programs, all students must be registered and sign our waiver.

All Parents or Legal Guardian’s signing up on behalf of a minor will be asked to comply on their behalf and AGREE that the minor participant(s) named on the registration and/ or any legal guardians attending shall comply fully with all of ART 101’s terms, signs, rules- written & verbal instructions of ART 101 staff as conditions for entry and participation in any Class, Camp or event at ART 101, including the Rules of ART 101 set forth on our website.

They must also AGREE on behalf of the minor participant(s), and/ or any guardians named in attendance, our heirs, assigns, representatives, & next of kin, agree to hold harmless, release, waive and indemnify ART 101 Art Studio LLC, its members, employees, agents, successors and assigns to:

1. Any & all injuries, illness, medical conditions, claims, liabilities, damages, death, expenses or judgments from participation in any and all ART 101’s programming and/or activities, including use of the area(s), play/climbing structure(s) and/or equipment, participation in a class, program or any other event offered at ART 101 Art Studio LLC

2. Any defense, cost or expense arising out of any and all claims, injuries, liabilities or damages, death arising out of or related to participation in any and all of our programming, as set forth, including attorneys’ fees

ART 101 Disclaimer

ART 101 is committed to providing all students with a creative curriculum which provides equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination. We are committed to overcoming sexist, racist, ageist, gender and classist attitudes which seeks to raise consciousness and develop positive attitudes. We do not discriminate against anyone, be they staff or pupil, on the grounds of their age, sex, race, gender, color, religion, nationality, ethnic or national origins. We promote the principles of fairness and justice for all through the education that we provide in our school. We constantly strive to remove any forms of indirect discrimination that may form barriers to learning. We ensure that all recruitment, employment, promotion and training systems are fair to all, and provide opportunities for everyone to achieve. We challenge stereotyping and prejudice whenever it occurs. We celebrate the cultural diversity of our community and show respect for all minority groups. We are aware that prejudice and stereotyping is caused by low self-image and ignorance. Through positive educational experiences and support for each individual’s point of view, we aim to promote positive social attitudes and respect for all.

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